Private viewing on

30th of August, from 6 pm to 10 pm

Charlem Lepeintre

Who is Charlem?

Charlem is a multi-purpose painter who achieved one of the biggest paintings in the world at Musée de la Biosphère du Canada. This major artwork on planetary biodiversity made him known by the national media and the artistic community. Since then, he generated numerous expositions and walls across Québec and in Latin America.

Involved in the artistic field since year 2000, he represented emergent artists from the Laurentides for 4 years, driven by over 100 television programs on visual arts and open air. He shared his passion to thousands of students during workshops and conferences on arts in school environment. All of his productions and journeys, made him able to create varied collections, which do not stop to surprise his audience. His dynamism and his great passion for arts made him an energetic and catching artist.

Artistic demarche

Charlem Lepeintre is passionate, creative, dynamic and communicator. Very early, he discovered a great interest for painting, sculpting and the public’s animation. Self-educated creator, he harnesses the acrylic, oil, aquarelle, aerosols and a good number of ways to sculpt. Mythology, dreams, humans and biodiversity are part of the themes he harnesses easily.

This very active painter stands out by the strength of his colors, the profoundness of his themes and his capacity to make people participate to public creations. He creates regularly live during big events and never hesitates to share his passion. The essential of his work consists of awareness, comprehension of the energy which animates us and the research of knowledge of ancients advanced civilizations.

Exhibition Dates :

  • Private view during 30th of August, from 18 pm to 22 pm
  • 31st of August, from 18 pm to 22 pm
  • 1st September, from 18 pm to 22 pm