Looking for Montreal Art? Consider The Kokë Art Gallery. Our Space is First and Foremost, an Environment Where Art is in a Constant State of Movement. A Truly Harmonious Collaboration.


Using art in order to promote Montreal art in all types of industries.

With over 30 years’ experience serving different types of industries, we can affirm that a corporate event must be a memorable experience for the client: it is necessary to create an imprint that will forever be engraved in the visitor’s imagination.

Nous nous adressons à tout type d’industrie, que ce soit des fabricants aux entreprises de services. La Galerie Kokë est en mesure de vous planifier une soirée, un lancement, ou tout autre évènement corporatif de façon mémorable et surtout apprécié par votre clientèle.

Nowadays, it is imperative that all Marketing spending sees a return on investment. Let us meet with you, determine your needs, but most importantly, let us share our vision with you. You will quickly understand what our capacities are and you will understand why we have launched The Kokë Event Art Gallery.



In looking elsewhere, understanding the reasoning and seeing a different perspective,
the imagination is thus provoked by our Montreal Art.

Several times a year, we organize more intimate types of exhibitions at the Gallery; these events are available upon public or private invitation. To be aware of our events, subscribe to our Newsletter or keep a watchful eye and follow us on social media.

Throughout our history, we have strived to make art accessible to more than just the elite of the world; but truly to all living beings conscientious that each emotion leads to growth.

The Kokë Event Gallery would not be what it is without its power to disseminate creations from here and abroad to clients who are more aware than ever, that investment in art is more than just for decorative purposes, but also, that it is an asset. It allows for the pleasure of loving a unique piece and to possess it as it possesses us.



Montreal art and artists bring art to life whilst respecting movement.

Over the years, we have noticed an ever-increasing demand for corporate events. Our gallery now offers a public auction service, whereby our affiliation with Beech Marten and other private collectors renders it possible to make your sales request possible.

Before putting your piece of art on the market, it is evident that research and appraisals are required. This enables for determination of a starting point on the requested selling price agreement. However, if you can authorize us to successfully complete your transactions or exchanges, all parties will surely benefit.

In loving, we strive for happiness and passion. Purchases of art are often stories of infatuation; sometimes transient, sometimes short-lived temporary moments that we become more aware of. Then, of course, comes the moment when you consider the sale, the exchange or the donation of your impulse-buy to a museum. Take a moment to contact us and to analyse the options that you have; it will cost you nothing.